3 comments for “Sign Petition to save Mack Laing home

  1. John Lyon
    March 31, 2015 at 1:38 pm

    Do try to respect the past, please.

  2. Lawrence Buser
    March 31, 2015 at 8:59 pm

    I am concerned that the Town of Comox is not honouring the wishes of someone who generously, and in good faith, donated land, money and a house to the Town, with specific legal conditions. There are many things wrong with this.

    1. It reflects a disturbing lack of respect for an individual who trusted in the Town Council to follow his wishes after he died.

    If he were alive, I would expect he would demand that the land be returned to him for breach of trust.

    2. Honouring his wishes must take into account the fact that the Town is responsible for failing to maintain the building he left for public use.

    Either that one should be repaired or his earlier house used in its place, or a new building erected.

    The house he left in his Will has a high concrete foundation and I would expect that any concern of flooding could be addressed. There are many buildings worldwide that are built on shores, even overhanging them.

    It is not up the Town Council to do what it wants. There are specific legal conditions in his granting this land, house and money to the Town of Comox, i.e. the residents of Comox.

    3. If the money he left had been invested in solid, blue chip stocks or a mutual fund that includes them, such as the top companies in North America, those on the Dow, for example, it would be worth about one million dollars today, not even allowing for dividend reinvestment. I question why it is only worth about $80,000. That is an astronomical difference.

    I value public parks. They are very important. This is a lovely gift of land Mack Laing donated to the citizens of Comox. But there are conditions in that grant and we must respect that, legally and morally.

    How this is done is what needs to be addressed.

    There should be no demolition until a plan for honouring the wishes of Mack Laing are worked out and accepted by the residents of the town, with proper procedures used to educate the residents about the Will, Legacy and Options, including Open House Public Meetings and a Plebiscite (pubic vote).

  3. Gillian Heninger
    April 13, 2015 at 6:17 pm

    Aren’t there enough corporations, oil companies and the like trying to destroy our beautiful country and the things we hold dear. What is wrong with the people of Comox that they would allow this to happen and not rise up in protest. Shame on those that refuse to honour an honourable man who left this property in their keeping.
    Get busy Comox, have some pride!

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