Message received: Positive response

The MLHS had a display on Comox Ave during the first three days of the Filberg Festival and had wonderful conversations with a lot of people from the Comox Valley and elsewhere. The majority were aware of the Shakesides saga and all were disgusted and saddened that elected officials could be behaving in a manner that dishonours Mack Laing’s wishes for his house. Every one who approached us – dozens – signed a special banner to ‘Save Shakesides’ – and thanked us for fighting for it.

Filberg Fest Display July 31, 2016

The Windows Saga was a popular source of comment.

WindowsSaga WindowsProtest








Between Wednesday July 27 – when the Town turned over the panels or eradicated the window art to return them to a “neutral” state – and Saturday July 30, a lower window was vandalized with a concrete block.

UnderPorchWindowVandalism July30 2016

The banner will continue to grow and will be displayed with pride whenever MLHS is engaged in its activities.

It’s worth noting that MLHS also directed several people into Mack Laing Park, who were not aware that it was at the end of the street. They spent some time there (one couple on bikes were there for almost an hour), and thanked us for introducing it to them when they returned (they were all festival-goers).

Why isn’t the Town of Comox doing more to celebrate both Mack Laing Nature Park and Baybrook? The Baybrook park entrance has no sign, other than one prohibiting vehicle access. The Mack Laing park sign is difficult to read as it is hidden under the dark canopy of mature trees at the end of Comox Ave. There is no park sign on Balmoral at the stairs into the park, nor at the Mack Laing Court entry (a singular irony). As a result, many new residents to Comox were unaware of this jewel of a park, and several were within walking distance!


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