Support continues to grow to save Shakesides

The Mack Laing Society continues to gather support to prevent the demolition of Mack Laing’s last home, Shakesides, and to adapt it into a nature museum, as stated in his Will, and in the Trust agreement he signed with the Town of Comox.

To date, over 900 people have signed a petition to save Shakesides – 10 times the number used by the Town to justify the demolition of Mack Laing’s original home, Baybrook, in August 2015.

Alan Haig-Brown, son of Roderick Haig-Brown, the renowned west coast fisherman and environmentalist, signed the MLHS online petition and made this statement:

When a person leaves his or her life work to their community, their memory must be respected and honoured.“

MLHS has also received support in its goal to preserve local heritage from NDP nominees Bryce Casavant, Gillian Anderson and verbally by Kiyoshi Kosky at his fundraiser January 6, 2017.



On December 6, 2016, Federal Conservative MP Peter van Loan, Conservative critic for Canadian Heritage and National Historic Sites, introduced a Private Member’s Bill for the rehabilitation of historic buildings in Canada. Designed to support those who invest in our cultural heritage, this Bill will have the potential to encourage rehabilitation of properties in the Canadian Register of Historic Places.

This is an important opportunity for the heritage community and supporters to come together to support the long-awaited heritage tax credit.

Heritage BC and the National Trust of Canada are collaborating to encourage public support for this proposal and suggest members of the public contact their local MP. Information on this Bill and how to support it can be found here:


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