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This site is presented by The Mack Laing Heritage Society of the Comox Valley, whose mission is to maintain and promote the dissemination of Mack Laing’s environmental values and legacy’

BACKGROUND NOTE: Material on this website produced by the MLHS before August 2015 must be taken in context. Before that date, the MLHS accepted the advice of the Town of Comox to concentrate on Baybrook house, rather than Shakesides, having been informed that Baybrook was more suitable for conversion into a public nature house in the new public park. Demolition of Baybrook was postponed in late 2013 and the MLHS was granted permission to produce a proposal for using Baybrook for this purpose. At the time of these discussions, Shakesides had a sitting tenant paying rental to the Town and was considered to be in good condition.

In February 2015, despite professionally-produced renovation and business plans presented to the Town by the MLHS in the summer and fall of 2014, Comox Council voted to demolish both Baybrook and Shakesides. Baybrook was demolished in August 2015, but the intervention of the Attorney General of BC prevented the demolition of Shakesides, which was a trust property owned by the Town of Comox. It had very clear legal instructions and conditions pertaining to its public use, laid down by Mack Laing, and accepted by the Town.

After the demolition of Baybrook, the MLHS commissioned professionals to examine Shakesides, and having been assured that the building was sound, proceeded to gather support for its preservation as a public, heritage house, in recognition of the importance of Mack Laing to all Canadians, and according to his stated wishes in his Will and the Trust documents signed with the Town of Comox.


The Mack Laing Heritage Society was incorporated as a B.C non-profit on May 20, 2014

Our Mission Statement:

1) To fulfill the stated wishes of Mack Laing’s 1981 Will and Testament: “that my home be used as a natural history museum,” as faithfully as possible.

2) To oversee the restoration and maintenance of Mack Laing’s home.

3) To maintain and promote the dissemination of Mack Laing’s environmental values and legacy.

4) To fundraise annually to maintain a variety of environmental programmes of interest to the general public throughout the Comox Valley and to the Town of Comox.


The Mack Laing Heritage Society Board of Directors

2017 Executive:

President: Kris Neilson

Vice-President/Secretary: Angela Burns

Treasurer: Monica Carew


2016 Annual Report (2017 AGM): 2017AGM Minutes

2015 Annual Report (2016 AGM): 2016AGMMinutes

2014 Annual Report (2015 AGM)L 2015AGM Minutes


4 comments for “About Us

  1. Ruth
    April 27, 2014 at 5:15 pm

    Hi, I am an artist and i met a lady at Baybrook house today (the nature walk) who advised the society is hodling a silent auction. I am interested in providing a piece of art (of the house) for this. Could you let me know who I should be in contact with for the details? thanks Ruth Rae

  2. Kate Panayotof
    May 4, 2014 at 9:27 pm

    hello Ruth, I am the person you met on the Baybrook walk . Thank you for getting in touch. Will get back to you about the paintings as soon as we have our next meeting and fix the posses for the silent auction. Is it possible to send a photo(s )of some of your paintings?>>>or may be if you are wiling to come and present some to the group?
    Thanks again and talk soon<

  3. Ruth Rae
    July 30, 2014 at 12:34 pm

    I just saw this reply today- July 29 🙂 – I have to get better computer skills I guess! I will send a photo of the piece asap – Ruth

  4. Ruth Rae
    July 30, 2014 at 5:53 pm

    Kate if you could email me directly at ruthrae63@gmail.com that would be great. Thanks – Ruth

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