Mack Laing presentation to Rotary Club inspiring

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I was privileged to attend a very inspirational and dynamic presentation‎ on the life, adventures and contributions of Hamilton Mack Laing.

Loys Maingon, president of Comox Valley Nature, was the guest speaker at the Comox Rotary Club, Thursday, November 13.

The far and wide contributions and historic significance of our own Comox Valley Renaissance man, Mack Laing , was wonderfully presented. The nature and purpose of the Mack Laing Heritage Society was also very succinctly introduced.

Once more I was reminded as to why the Society is engaged in a quest to conserve and honour the legacy of Mack Laing. He was indeed an exceptional person.

People I spoke to afterwards were honestly unaware of the real legacy and significance of Mack Laing, or his contribution to Canadian as well as International environmental and natural history.

‎Focusing on the transmission of Mack’s passion for nature and the environment, especially to children and young families, is the best way to preserve and continue this precious legacy.

Kate Panayatoff

President, MLHS


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