Action needed

Last month my husband and I visited this beautiful property in Comox. We are Australians, travelling across the continent on a years
motorcycle trip. By chance we met a couple from Comox who took us on an evening walk in the area and on this particularly cold and
miserable evening we came across Shakesides.

We listened to its history and I personally was speechless to find out that this wonderful space was about to be eradicated. We have been traveling around the world, for nearly 30 yrs and one of the saddest things that distresses me is humans thoughtlessness towards history.

In this throw away and disposable economy are we also prepared to throw away our history?It is sitting at our fingertips ready to secure for prosperity and we let it just slip away.

I have read up on the history of this place and Mack Laing and I implore you to rethink demolishing this. Pull out all your strings and
secure the future of this gift as a place to be cherished.

My small voice is not strong but just be aware this is not only about your communities politics,this is about the future of your town,
environment and that of all our children.
Rachel Skipsey
Cairns Australia

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