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Many thanks to Lt Col Terry Chester (ret) for so clearly demonstrating his technique on the Mack Laing Nature House Advisory Committee, through eight weary meetings over several months. However, he has not been authorized to speak on behalf of the Committee, so his opinion is just that – his alone.

This Committee could have conducted an honest examination and adhered to the Terms of Reference. It did not. There is no acceptable excuse for this.

The facts remain. In 1982, Mack Laing left the Town more than enough money to turn Shakesides into a modest public nature museum and maintain it. The Town of Comox did not honour their legal obligations 34 years ago and don’t wish to now.

If Council truly respected Mack Laing and the Mack Laing Heritage Society, Shakesides would now be a community project, and the restoration into a public nature interpretive centre would be underway, at no cost to the Town or the taxpayer – now or ever.

Demolishing this heritage house is both extreme and unnecessary.

People who are upset about this situation have as much right to speak out as Mr Chester. We live in a democracy.

Angela Burns

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