The Mack Laing Trust

In 1973, Hamilton Mack Laing deeded his property (now the Mack Laing Park) and house (Shakesides) to the Town of Comox with strict stipulations about public use and access. In his Will in 1982, he left the Town $45,000 to create a “natural history museum” in Shakesides. The Town accepted the “gift” but rented out Shakesides to a succession of tenants, thereby preventing it from being used by the public, or creating a museum.

Memorandum of Agreement between Hamilton Mack Laing and the Town of Comox, September 19, 1973: HML MOA

Last Will and Testament of Hamilton Mack Laing – May 6, 1981: HML Will 1981

Last Will and Testament of Hamilton Mack Laing – March 1, 1982: HML Will 1982


Brief History of Shakesides: shakesidesbriefhistory

Business Plan: Shakesides Nature House Business Plan

Statement of Significance: shakesides-statement-of-significance-august-23-2016

Condition Assessment: ShakesidesConditionAssessment

Awards, Tributes


Articles written by Mack Laing

Selections from Outing magazine, 1915 (derived from the Victoria Museum Archives and Google Digital scans): OutingMagazine1915Vol66

HML BlackDeath of the Shore (unpublished manuscript 1951)

Historical and Reference Material

Correspondence with Town of Comox and Reports

The following document package outlines the history of the Trust and the decisions made by the Town of Comox.

Town of Comox Report (released March 16, 2016 – pdf): Town of Comox Mack Laing Trust Report March 16 2016

Report from Moeller& Associates, Chartered Accountant, regards what should be the value of the Mack Laing Trust (pdf): MoellerHMLTrustFundCalculations

Letter to MLHS from Town of Comox, including final Staff Report on MLHS proposal (March 10, 2015): ToCletter March 10, 2015

Legal Documents

Legal Opinion, William Pearce QC, June 20, 2015: William Pearce QC Independent Legal Opinion

Notarized letter, dated September 26, 2014,  from Alice Bullen, who was appointed by Comox Council “to look after” the interests of Mack Laing in his later years, after he had gifted the Town with the property known as Mack Laing Park: AliceBullenLetter


November 1988 issue of Picoides, the newsletter of the Society of Canadian Ornithologists, with an obituary and article about Mack Laing: Picoides2_2_1988

Letters of  Support

Denman Conservancy Association letter, June 27, 2017: DCALetter of Support

Des Kennedy letter, May 15, 2017: DesKennedyLetterMay2017

Comox Valley Land Trust, March 31, 2017: CVLTShakesides letter to Comox Council March 31 2017

Robert Bateman letter, March, 2017: BatemanLetterMarch2017

Gillian Anderson letter, January 3, 2017: gillianandersonletter-to-comox-council-re-shakesides-jan-3-2017

Bryce Casavant letter, December 11, 2016: brycecasavantlettershakesides

Project Watershed letter, September 9, 2015: PWBaybrook_Town of Comox_Sept 09

Comox Valley Conservation Strategy, August 29, 2015:CVCSBaybrook letter to Comox Council Aug 29

National Trust of Canada letter, July 31, 2015: National Trust Letter, Baybrook House

Heritage BC letter, June 23, 2015: HeritageBCLetter June 23 2015

Comox Valley Nature, President’s message, Summer 2015: CVNPresidents Message Summer 2015

Letter from B.C Nature, March 26, 2015: BCN Letter Comox March 2015

Letter from Paul Horgen, October 30, 2014:MLHS proj Water P. Horgen LetterOct 30 2014

Comox Valley Conservation Strategy letter, October 17, 2014: CVCSMackLaingProject letter

Letter from Alice Bullen to Comox Council, September 26, 2014:AliceBullenLetter

Letter from the Upper Island Women of Native Ancestry regarding the Baybrook Nature House proposal, dated September 2, 2014: UI Women of NA letter


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