Demolition of Mack Laing houses a “cultural affront” – BC Nature

Dear Mr. Ives and Councillors of the Town of Comox,

Recently we have learned about your decision to demolish not one but both Mack Laing Houses in your community.  It goes without saying this potential act is of great concern to  naturalists, not only in your area, but to all naturalists and environmentalists in British Columbia, and yes, even in Canada.

You are likely aware that Mr Laing was a great pioneer and played a pivotal role in the natural and environmental history of Western Canada. He made many literary and scientific contributions and was instrumental in the National Museum of Canada. His expeditions associated with the Geological Survey of Canada laid the foundations of Western Canada’s ecological and economic heritage. In short, he was a giant in Canada, British Columbia and Comox.

The decision you have taken, to erase his memory, would be a cultural affront to the province, the Museum of Natural History, to the Geological Survey of Canada and indeed to the town of Comox.  I implore you respect his generous donations, follow up his explicit directions as stated in his will, from which the town has been a great beneficiary.

I am certain that the Geological Survey of Canada, of which I am also a direct member, the Naturalist Museum of Canada, the province of British Columbia and the Town of Comox will be very grateful to you, if you continue to protect the heritage of this great Canadian.

As you might know, BC Nature ( Federation of BC Naturalists) is the largest nature organization in British Columbia with over 5000 members, is associated with Nature Canada, and works closely with BC Parks on many environmental and nature issues.



With regards,

Kees Visser
BC Nature

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